Internet of Things(IOT) institute in Hyderabad @ 7993762900

Genius IT announces first of its kind “Internet of Thing” training and workshop in Hyderabad endeavor is to impart skills those are highly in demand and will become Industry’s new big thing in the coming years.

This course gives initial practical and strategic understanding of vast world of “Internet of Things“ which has already captured the imagination of all fortune 500 companies. So future belongs to a technology like “Internet of Things” as all research houses have term “Internet of Things in Hyderabad” as a game change.

They provide Summer training in internet of things (IOT) . Their course and teaching ways are their differentiating factors. They provide Microsoft International certificate (MTA), with placement.

They cover all aspects of Internet of things (IOT) like 

  • IOT and cooperation Platforms
  • IOT Security
  • Fog Computing
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • IOT and social Network (Social IOT)
  • Energy Managemaent

IoT training in Hyderabad  needs 100% practical approach to get an in-depth knowledge about the domain

Introduction to IoT

IOT basics

Architecture of IOT

How is IoT changing the world

Applications and industry verticals

IoT: Characteristics, Enabling Technologies, Technical Scope

 Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 2 – The “Rocket-In-A-Pocket” Board for IoT

Board Features – History and Reception

Hardware Description

Functional Schematics

Software and OS Options