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About Power BI

Power BI is a Self-Serviced, Cloud Based Data Visualization or Business Intelligence Software from Microsoft Corporation.

Every organization needs extensive Business Insights from their Business Data to understand their business and to make Better Decisions. Power BI puts the power in your hands to get the Business Insights from your Business Data for Better Decision Making.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence Software which converts your Business Data into Actionable Information or Business Insights.

Power BI is a Suite or Collection of Software’s which helps Business Enterprises to perform end to end Business Intelligence Process.

Power BI Tools/Software’s

Ø  Power BI Desktop

§  Power Query

§  Power Pivot

§  Power View

Ø  Power BI Service

Ø  Power BI Report Server

Ø  Power BI Mobile

Power BI can connect to different unrelated source systems and convert it into neatly managed and coherent set of informationwe call this process as Data Preparation for Analytics. We do this Data Preparation Process with Power Query an inbuilt Product in Power BI. Power Query will load the prepared data to Power Pivot.

Once Data is Prepared we need to Model our data with establishing the relationships between the tables, this process we call it as Data Modeling. With Power Pivot an inbuilt component in Power BI, helps you to model your Data. In Power Pivot in addition to Data Modeling we will create Measures using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to Analyze our Data, we call this process as enhancing the Data Model.

Lastly in the Development Process we use Power View an inbuilt software to Visualize our Data using the Data Model we build in Power Pivot.  With Power View you can Build Interactive Visualizations and Reports. Reports will contain insights of the Business Data that helps the Business Managers to take Effective Decisions.

Once after developing the Reports to share them with Business user we Publish this Reports Either to Power BI Service or Power BI Report Server.

Power BI Service is cloud based solution which is managed by Microsoft Corporation for publishing, sharing and managing Reports and Dashboards.

Power BI Report Server is a solution that customers or organizations deploy or install on their own premises for publishing, sharing and managing Reports.

Power BI Mobile is a mobile application which is used to see the Reports and dashboards shared with us.

What you will learn in this Power BI Online Training Course?

The Microsoft Power BI Course will start from Basic to Advanced level you will be learning the below topics as part of the course.

·         Power BI Desktop

o   Power Query

§  Transforming the data using built in transformations in Query Editor

§  M language

o   Power Pivot

§  Data Modeling

§  Basic to Advanced DAX

o   Power View

·         Power BI Service

·         Power BI Report Server

·         Power BI Mobile

Who can Learn Power BI?

  • ·         Graduates
  • ·         Database Developer
  • ·         Software Developers
  • ·         Analytics Professionals
  • ·         ETL Developers
  • ·         Business Intelligence Developers
  • ·         Who have basic knowledge about Data and SQL

Why to learn Power BI

Every Business Enterprise or Companies need to understand their Business from their huge volumes of Business Data, to do this they need a BI tool. Power BI is the leader in the Business Intelligence space. Power BI is a cost effective BI tool from Microsoft Corporation which can helps Organizations to perform end to end BI process.