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We provides you real-time on business Intelligence Tool Tableau and placement focused Tableau training in Hyderabad Our Tableau course includes basic to advanced level and our Tableau course is designed to get the placement in MNC companies in Hyderabad and all over India.

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Our Tableau training courses help to students to get placement immediately after course completion. Our practical, real-time Tableau project scenarios training helps to work on Tableau projects. Our Tableau training program helps every student to achieve their goal in Tableau career.


Dataware house basics

  • What and why dataware house
  • Components of dataware house
  • Type of dimension
  • Star schema
  • Snowflakes schema
  • Business intelligence

Tableau 10 course

  • Overview of below tools
  • Tableau online
  • Tableau desktop
  • Tableau server
  • Tableau reader
  • Tableau public
  • Tableau Server airtecture
  • User interface basics
  • Connecting to data
  • Dimensions vs. measures
  • Show Me
  • Marks card
  • Simple formatting
  • Building views
  • Building a dashboard
  • Building Stories

Connecting to Excel, CSV and Text File

  • Metadata management
  • Data Interpreter and pivot
  • Join types with union
  • Cross database joins
  • Connecting live versus importing the data
  • Editing data connections after initial connection
  • Data source filtering
  • Full Extract and incremental extract
  • Replace connection
  • Data blending

Working with Data

  • Flat Files (Excel, CSV, Access DB)
  • Cube and Relational Databases
  • ODBC Drivers
  • Live or Import Data Connection
  • Metadata Management
  • Multiple Data Connections
  • Creating and Refreshing an Extract

Visual Analytics

  • Drill down and Hierarchies
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Aggregations
  • Trend lines
  • Page shelf
  • Forecasting
  • Creating set and group
  • Creating filter and parameters
  • Quick filter and context filter


  • Row-banding
  • Number formatting
  • Text formatting
  • Shading
  • Labels
  • Annotations
  • Tooltips


  • Aggregate Calculations
  • Row-Level Calculations
  • Quick Table Calculations
  • Level of detail calculation


  • Dashboard Objects
  • Filter Actions
  • URL Actions
  • Highlight actions
  • Sizing
  • Tiled and Floating Sheets
  • Dynamic Sheet Titles

Publishing and sharing

  • Publish to Tableau server
  • Publish to Tableau online
  • Publish to Tableau public
  • Sharing(Pdf,excel and link)
  • Scheduling extract
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